How will the Gluu help my business?

Most retailers usually deal with multiple suppliers on a weekly basis to stock their shelves. Managing multiple suppliers burns up time and money. The price of products is just one piece of your total cost of dealing with suppliers. There's also a cost of managing the supplier relationship. By reducing suppliers, you can cut cost and increase staff productivity. The GLUU will leverage and negotiate the best price for our GLUU retailers. You will get the service of a local supplier and at the same time you get the buying power of a large national provider who will pass the savings on to you. The GLUU is a one-stop-shop that aims to make the supply chain easier for you.

My Gluu retailer account has just been activated, how can I purchase products?

Once you have selected all your products, click the link on the top right hand corner of your screen to access your checkout cart. Confirm that your order is correct and click checkout. From this screen you can use either Visa, Master Card, Discover, or Amex to purchase your products. A GLUU retailer also has an option to use their "wallet account" option. You can prefund the "Wallet" with funds to purchase products. Contact the Gluu office or your Gluu Rep if you would like to use the wallet program. Once the wallet is funded, you will now be able to make purchases of the wallet balance.

I can't remember my password.

No problem. Beneath the login button there is a link marked "Forgot Your Password". Click this link and enter your user name (it is usually your email address). You will then receive an email from our customer service asking you to reset your password. Open the email, click on the link provided, enter the code provided within the email, enter your new password and confirm it. For additional support call us at 813-360-1309

Do I qualify for a volume discount if I make a larger order?

There's a good possibility that we can do better. We would have to view your order first. Go through our products and put your order together. Once your order is complete, go to the checkout cart by clicking the link on the top right hand corner of the screen. Check to see if the contents of your cart are correct and scroll down till you see a flashing button that says "Click Here for Your Special Offer". Click that button and someone from our office will be in contact with you with a special offer.

Can I cancel my GLUU retailer account at any time?

YES. If at any time you're not satisfied, just call us 813-360-1309 or email us at to deactivate your account.

I made an order when will my order be fulfilled?

Orders made by 2pm EST will go out by the end of the business day. Orders that come in after 2pm EST will go out the following business day. Orders that come in on Friday after 2pm EST will go out on the following Monday.

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